Pushing a double stroller, in the snow with the brakes on, up hill… both ways.

The day that Handsome came home with a large empty furnace box I thought he had lost his mind.  He just plopped it in the living room and left it there.  I was already too tired from the day to bother bugging him about bringing it home and having to cut it up so we could recycle it.  I just left it and went about doing my dinner preparations.


I was pretty busy but every once in a while I could hear them getting into it, and there was giggling and some screeches of excitement.  I though. “ok, maybe the girls like it”  I could not have been more wrong.

The girls were ecstatic!  I looked around for Handsome and could not find him.  He was in the box.  He had gotten some crayons and was in the box with the girls.  They were colouring and he was colouring. He was deep in the box.  The girls would then pop our of the box and close the “door” and run around the box and pop back in.  Handsome was colouring a “mural” inside the box of our whole family.  It was so much fun.  I couldn’t help but want to climb in there, and I did.  All week we played in that box until it started to fall apart and we needed to throw it away.


Comments on: "Oh The Joys of a Simple Cardboard Box!" (7)

  1. Hi Julie – Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. I hope you do crochet a pair of slippers. They are super easy and I’m only an email away if you need help!

    My two girls love cardboard boxes! I actually made a play house with a big cardboard box. It had cut out windows, a swing front door and a roof. I let my oldest help me colour flowers on the outside. It was a lot of fun and they spent more time in that cardboard house then they do in their big plastic Little Tikes house ( which I kind of regret buying).

    • thanks for stopping by!
      i would love to make a playhouse, i don’t really have room in my basement for that though. Now you have me thinking about way’s to add a “second door” to the kids rooms? hmmmm you are an inspiration🙂
      now i just need Handsome to bring home more giant boxes!
      have a great halloween !

  2. I seriously wonder why we spend so much on toys and entertainment when a big box is always a huge hit with kids!!!

    • Yes! agree. for the youngest ones birthday this year- a giant box, come new crayons and a bunch of newspaper for shredding. go wild with yourself! happy birthday kiddo!🙂

  3. […] girls and I got a little creative with cardboard again.  Last time was so much fun that I couldn’t resist doing something silly again with the cardboard box that […]

  4. the nanny said:

    cereal boxes fit little ones torsos for making robots, the pantry is all bags, we use all the boxes for making robot suits, stawberry cello packs are good for the view on the helmet

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