Pushing a double stroller, in the snow with the brakes on, up hill… both ways.

The other day I thought it would be fun to blow off the dust from the easy bake oven that Loveliness got as a present for her birthday last year.  We have only used it one time to make cookies.  I had bought a mini pizza kit that makes pizza’s shaped like electric guitars.  Surely this would rock!

2013-07-19 12.52.13

I separated the packets of dough and marinara sauce, garlic topping and egg wash.  The girls each prepared their items in the bowl in front of them.  I made sure to turn off the fan that was blowing over the table as not to blow all the ingredients all over the room.  The amount of ingredients was so small I did not want to risk losing anything.

The next step was spreading out the dough on to the guitar shape.  Now maybe it was user defective but there was not enough dough to fill the body of the guitar – let alone fill the neck.  we placed as much as we could and tried to remove it from the mold but it was stuck.  great!  just fantastic!  I also noticed that the mold we had did not go with this model of oven.  Our oven worked with round pans, this mold worked with rectangle pans.  I tried to make a rectangle shaped pan with a cardboard plate covered in tin foil but it really was not necessary since I could not peel the dough  from the mold and now i had a gooey mess.  Next I tried to add the marinara sauce.  The sauce spread out fine.  The garlic sauce was a joke.  it was just little blobs of cheesy goo that was randomly plopped onto the pizza.  At this point i was about to give up.  I couldn’t though, I was starving, and my children s sad little faces would be all I could see.  It was a complete disaster. We just smooshed it out of the mold and rolled it n a ball.

2013-07-19 13.46.28

the mold totally sucked! maybe that is why it was on sale!

I decided to rescue this situation.  I went into the freezer and luckily had some left over spent grain pizza dough from a few weeks back.  I chopped up some random ingredients, and some Parmesan cheese.  things were looking up. we may not completely starve.

2013-07-19 13.46.31

the first pizza did not come out of the mold quite right – so a ball of pizza goop it is!

The first pizza we made took 12 minutes to cook in the easy bake oven.  I kept thinking that the bright side of this was that I wasn’t heating up the entire house with our oven.  We still had not installed our air conditioner yet – that would have been brutal.

The next pizza turned out alright.  I used my own dough with some of my own sauce. Sprinkled some oregano and Parmesan cheese on it. It was too big to fit in the pan so I split it in half and rolled it into a ball. Spread the egg wash on it .  It still took forever at 12 minutes per pizza ..  would be working all afternoon at this rate.  My dreams of my children running a little catering side business were starting to dim.  Plus – i was the one doing all the work!

2013-07-19 14.42.10

pizza- with some of our marinara and Parmesan cheese and oregano

We started to get desperate.  We decided to eat more random toppings from the fridge, cuz that’s how we rock and roll.

Mushrooms, cheese, more mushrooms and cucumbers.

When it was all said and done I just had a giant mess to clean up and a belly full of half cooked dough.

I threw in the towel and decided to order from Gabriel ‘s and keep the easy bake oven for cookies only.

Comments on: "Easy Bake oven Pizza’s" (6)

  1. Ugh, I could rant ALL DAY about the horrors of Easy Bake ovens. I don’t think we have ever used ours, not even once, without some sort of disaster – things rising too high and getting stuck in there, stuff burning,stuff not cooking, cookies melting together into one big mush. It is NOT. GOOD.

    Last month I decided it was too much of a mess to salvage – so many things had spilled over inside it, and of course you can’t open it to clean it, that we were getting burning and smoking goo every time we turned it on. I decided just letting her make little cakes and cookies in the real oven is easier – so out it went.

    • sounds awful! your right you can’t take open it up and clean it, I have saucy smoosh all over the inside of my oven. I am not looking forward to the smoke that comes off of that thing the next time we use it. Remember the ones we had when we were kids. The front door would open and you had to place the pan on the metal rack. It was a right of passage to be burned by the rack.

      • VINDICATION. About six months ago during our final disastrous Easy Bake Oven event, I was waxing nostalgic about how they used to open up at the front, and everyone else there – including people a decade older than me – DENIED IT. They said it had always had the slide-in slot, and I was imagining things. I’m not going to get back into it with them but I will sit smugly at my computer knowing I WAS RIGHT. HA.

      • ohoh.. don’t go bragging yet!
        i tried to find a picture of the easy bake oven i used to have so you would have proof! i can’t find it. i am 100 percent sure it opened in the front. it had a door with a metal tray to put the cupcake tin on. I know it didn’t work by putting anything in the side because when my daughters came with a “pusher” thing I was scratching my head. Maybe ours was a Knock Off version!>!??? is it possible? or maybe ours was only out on the market for a short time until everyone else was burning themselves and it got yanked. Now its just a memory and betty crocker has erased all the evidence from the internet. only WE know the truth. maybe i have had too much coffee?

      • Kay, here is a very crappy photo of an early Easy Bake oven (you can even see the name brand on the front). This was taken (by me) at the Museum of Science and Tech here in Ottawa – they have a display right now of old fashioned toys. What do you think – is this what you remember? It’s not exactly what I pictured (I thought ours was maybe pink?) but it’s close.

      • mine was brown and white (i think) and was rectangular, but definitely opened from the front. mine was probably a knock off brand because i have searched and searched. we didn’t have a lot of money growing up so i am sure its not the official easy bake (now that I have been thinking about it)

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