Pushing a double stroller, in the snow with the brakes on, up hill… both ways.

I have been having a lot of fun brewing 1 gallon batches of beer lately.  A lot of fun actually.  I started doing these smaller batches because I heard about International Woman’s Collaboration Brew day coming up on March 8.  I wanted to be able to put together an easy tutorial so everyone can brew – even with just a few things that you already have in your kitchen and a few extra basic brewing items.  How cool would it be if all the Barley’s Angels were brewing on that day?!  If you are, make sure you tweet it with the hashtag #IWCB.  Once you catch the brewing bug, I am convinced you will want to continue brewing again and again.  

For IWCB the plan is we are all going to be brewing an APA on March 8

The beer:
4% pale session beer with a universally available hop (still to be decided).

EBC: 10
IBU: 25
ABV: 4%
Late hop: Cascade (US/UK/NZ/German)

Only problem is there is a shortage of Cascade at our local brew shops here.  Some of us have decided to just brew something that we want to brew on the date and have fun with it.

I have posted a recipe for an APA below – all the ingredients and equipment should be able to be purchased locally.

For the FULL TUTORIAL on brewing 1 gallon batches please check out my post from last week HERE

Brewing a 1 gallon batch  is quite a different brew day compared to our normal 15 gallon brew days.  It is even more laid back than our 5 gallon brew days.  It is great because I can squeeze a brew session in the afternoon or even just do a quick batch after the kids go to bed.  Clean up is so much easier too!

I found there were a few challenges with brewing small batches that I do not encounter when I brew larger batch.  Measurements or water and grain need to be more exact.  My scale that I use to measure my hops and grain is a little less precise when it comes to smaller measurements.  I had a difficult time trying to weigh out hops in such a small quantity.  We plan on getting a more precise scale that measures brewing salts in the future – Until then, I will just wing it as best as I can!

So without further ado, here is the recipe for an American Pale Ale – make sure you keep those spent grains to make some yummy yum yums – like Katy’s Granola or some bread and other recipes HERE

American Pale Ale

Pre Boil volume : 4.75 Liters
Post Boil Volume: 3.8 Liters
OG: 1.052
Eff: %65
ABV: 5.1%


Canadian 2 row   902 g
Munich Light   62.12 g
Crystal 40   62.12 g
Total   1.043 kg


 Cluster   7% AA  5.5 g 60 minutes  34.4 IBU
 Falconers Flight   10.8 % AA 2.5 g 10 minutes 5 IBU
 Falconers Flight   10.8 %AA 2.5 g 0 minutes 0 IBU
Total      10.5 g    IBU


Safale US-05 ½ packet

Let’s Start

Mash in with 2.17 Liters of water for 1 hour- keeping temperature between 63 and 68

2014-03-05 14.42.59

Sparging the grains

2014-03-05 14.42.09

a handful of hops –

Cooling the wort in the Sink - using a a few icepacks

Cooling the wort in the Sink – using a a few icepacks

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  1. […] So it seems the 1 gallon brewing adventures have continued here at our house.   We have been having such a fun time brewing these that I decided to brew an American Wheat Ale this time.  If you are just stumbling on to this page, I have created a step by step tutorial for brewing these 1 gallon batches HERE also included is a recipe for a Robust Porter and an American Pale Ale. […]

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