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Wordless Wednesday



Paper Fairies–paper dolls



Since we really enjoyed playing with paper dolls the last time, I thought it would be fun to get out a book that Loveliness got for her 3rd birthday.  We had played with it a few times before, but she wasn’t ready at the time.  She was a little rough and I was afraid she would break it.  I am glad we waited. 


This book is amazing!  It opens up and is a little scene with pop out fairies and little secrete doors and hidden wonders!  This book is titled My Fairy Garden by Maggie Bateson.


The book has four scenes for children to play in.  There are flowers that spin, doors that open even a fairy that sweeps the chimney.   All the fairy character neatly go into a little envelope located inside the book.  Loveliness loved how I read the story and we re-created the wedding scene.  It was lots of fun!


Paper Dolls Tiny Shopping Center


I remember as a kid, I used to play with paper dolls.  My mother would buy me a little book and I would punch out the dolls and punch out the clothes.  I would fold the delicate tabs to hold the clothes on the dolls bodies and I would make them talk and walk around. 

I think I have fallen in love with the idea of paper dolls again.  The other week we had walked home from a playgroup and we discovered a huge box of free books.  We browsed through and found some books we liked and rescued them.  Among the books was a small book of paper dolls.  It was a paper doll shopping center to be exact.  The flame was re-ignited.


I got busy and started assembling all the little paper buildings, I put the little paper people on their little paper pedestals , I watched as my little girl marveled at how delicate they were.

We put them together as best as we could, and we found a place to display them in her room.  I found that some of the tabs popped out so I have decided to use some white pva glue to keep them in place.  We take the buildings out and play with them on her carpet.  She takes the paper dolls and they shop in the little stores.  They have dinner at the little restaurant and sit at the little table.  She loves it. 


It was fun playing with something that didn’t cost a lot of money (it was free, and the price tag said $1 new) It didn’t have any batteries, and it didn’t do anything other than bring a smile to our faces and spark creativity. ♥

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