Pushing a double stroller, in the snow with the brakes on, up hill… both ways.

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A Beautiful Sister-Sister Relationship

The two of them sitting together eating cereal in the morning.  Quietly chatting, laughing.  Sunshine is 18 months and Loveliness is 4.  They are sisters and best friends.  Perfect little gifts to us and to each other.

I have always wanted to have a sister or a brother, a special connection with someone to spend the rest of my life with.  The one person who isn’t your partner, that you can share all the stories of your past and all your fears, loves, and have a deep connection with.  Inseparability.  I wanted this for Loveliness, this connection that I missed as I was growing up.  When I found out that Handsome and I were going to have another baby we were very excited for the changes that would soon rock our world.

As soon as I hit my 6 months pregnancy date I let Loveliness know that she would be a big sister soon.  I tried to prepare her as best as I could.  Letting her know all about babies and their needs, but also how she will have a friend to play with and laugh with and it would be so much fun.  Loveliness was so excited! She would listen at my belly, talk to her baby sibling, and cuddle with me.  I remember she would give my belly a little kiss when it was time for bed.  Even in my belly she was so loving of her little sister.

When Sunshine arrived, we were all so amazed.  We brought home a special present for Loveliness that we told her was from her little baby Sister.  I made sure that I spent special time with Loveliness so she understood that she was still a huge part of our family.  Though a lot of our attention was devoted to the baby we had special mommy moments.  Naptime  for Sunshine became a special craft time for Loveliness.  As they got older Loveliness  learned quickly that babies  get into lots of stuff, and Loveliness was quick to put her toys out of reach and to keep Sunshine away from anything that would cause “danger”.

Now they run around and chase each other.  Playing Hide and seek is one of their favorite things.  It makes me so proud to see the young lady Loveliness has become.  She is her sister’s protector, her sisters older and bigger helper and her teacher.  I never imagined that having a sister would be like that.

Sunshine ♥ Loveliness

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