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Catching the Quilting Bug Part 2

I am so proud of myself, I have actually finished a craft.  Normally all the things I make I give away, this time I actually have something to show for all my hard work.

The first part of my project can be found here.

I have taken all the strips and sewn them together.  It was quite easy once I started going.  I then proceeded to make a strip that goes around the outside.  I mitered all the corners of the quilt, and I am quite proud of how that turned out.

all trimmed and pinned in a nice straight line

top of frames quilt

all sewn up and i just need to trim the edges on the top and the bottom

each corner is mitered. I trimmed off the excess fabric from the back - then i trimmed along the top and sides to make a nice neat finished look

After the top layer was complete and all trimmed I placed wrong side down and measured out my backing material against it to get a good size.  I used a fleecy cotton fabric that matched my tie dyed colours on the front.  Since the fabric was not the entire length of the front I had to use two pieces.  I made sure that the seam ran along the middle of the piece that I put on the back.  I pinned it together and sewed around 3 sides and left one side open so I can flip it “pillow” style later.  Looking back in hindsight i think I will leave about a foot of space on the fourth side.  A crease formed when I was trying to sew it and I had a rough time with the fabric.  I eventually creased it and tucked the extra fabric and made it disappear into the seam that ran along the middle of the back piece.  Hard to explain without a picture – sorry😦

I lay the entire piece down and put my quilt batting on top.  There are a few pieces of batting that were previously cut by my MIL.  I put them down and stitched the seams of the batting together so it would not move.  I hope it lasts?  I whip stitched the batting in place so it would stay as i flip it inside out.

I then proceeded to stitch all around the pattern and along a little + pattern that some of the squares formed.  I think it looks rather nice and it keeps the batting in place.  This is the end results.  My first quilt, and I can’t wait to make another one.  I think for the next one I will work on a super Mario / Luigi quilt.

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